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Yes, the intricate artwork you are seeing was hand cut from large sheets of paper: folding, turning, cutting, and composing these elaborate images. Each one tells a different story and is full of hidden wonders. Rejas Designs has taken this unique artwork and made them into fabrics for clothes, textiles for interior design, and rare metal screens for architectural elements. Want to enhance your viewing pleasure? Find the rabbit in nearly every Rejas Designs artwork.


What is Rejas? Rejas is Spanish for decorative screens of iron. For centuries, people in Spain and North Africa wanted privacy and shade in their homes without constricting the very necessary airflow. Why Rejas? Because our artwork is a contemporary tip of the hat to these beautiful Spanish creations.

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The imaginative patterns of Rejas Designs have been applied to some of the latest men’s and women’s fashion staples. Browse Rejas Designs apparel here.

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Custom Fabrics by Rejas Designs, Handcut Art for Interior Designers.


Order custom fabrics or textiles for your interior design makeover. All original Rejas Designs artwork is available for custom prints. Customize upholstery with a pattern as unique as your client.

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Custom decorative metal screens by Rejas Designs, Handcut Art for Interior Designers.


Bring Rejas Designs into your home or business with a custom-crafted metal screen. Cast the shadow of symmetry and beauty onto your interior or exterior space. Screens can be custom sized and ordered with any section of Rejas Designs original artwork.

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