Design Applications



We are interested in creating unique and beautiful artistic designs for architectural applications: booth dividers for restaurants, cafes or taverns; room dividers for residences; and fabrics for a variety of uses such as linens, custom rugs, home décor, throw pillows and shower curtains.

Our designs also work as window applications or ornamental screens, which is where the word Rejas came from in Spain and North Africa.


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We can cut these patterns into a variety of materials from aluminum, stainless steel, Cor-Ten steel, copper, wood, glass, marble, leather and even mirrors. We’ve also had some interest in the 3M dusted Crystal laminate for door patterns. We convert the photo images of the designs into vector images and from there we can feed those programs into the cutting instruments. The process we use  for cutting is a waterjet cutter using a garnet grit and water at 60,000psi or diamond grit and water at 90,000 psi depending on thickness of material.


The applications for the Rejas Designs are endless, from fireplace grates in homes to booth dividers in restaurants, from decorative wall hangings to arbor and pergola covers for creative shade and shadow effects.  Micro Breweries may want to use them to decorate their copper kettles.


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