Guest Artist Russell McDougal Poster for sale


Russell McDougal a great artist, photographer, friend and merry prankster has a beautiful poster for sale. Here’s what he says:

“Great art & ideas change the world.

I have some embossed, solar art prints available for purchase during the holidays that I

produced a number of years ago. It is a beautiful art print titled, S.O.S. – Solar: Our Solution.

It is made from a hand-sculpted brass die. It’s so unique that when I had it made in

SanFrancisco in 1981, nobody in all of California could make a custom, hand-made

12” die. It’s basically a lost art.


I created it to celebrate & promote solar energy. It seems like a great way for anyone supportive

of solar energy to have a unique, trophy work of art that celebrates this option as a great

environmental solution. Art & the great solar cause…in one beautiful work of art…what could be better?”



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